Chill Zone starts today!


North BurLINKton Chill Zone

The Chill Zone after school program starts today!

Time is just flying by. Last week we did a lot of outreach and it was simply amazing to reconnect with kids that we played with this summer. How amazing? Well we just have to share this story with you.

When we arrived in one neighbourhood last week to play some parachute games and hand out flyers we got mobbed! Mobbed in a good way! In typical fashion we started knocking on doors looking for some of our neighbourhood friends. The kids’ reactions were, “You came back!” “Are we playing now?!” Backpacks dropped, kids yelling “Mom, I’m going to play at Chill Zone” and running towards our little patch of grass, doors closing behind them. After a few came, the word spread and soon there was critical mass for a game, with some new faces that our summer friends brought along. While Chantal played, Rishia knocked on doors and talked to parents about the upcoming after school program. We can proudly say that our outreach week has been very successful and the program is almost at capacity with only a few spots left.

This next ten weeks is going to be wild and we can’t wait to get started this afternoon.

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