Week One at Chill Zone


North BurLINKton Chill Zone

Our after school program has officially kicked off! Our first week has come and gone so quickly! Highlights from Monday and Thursday include:
  • A collaborative Chill Zone rules brainstorm! Participants articulated the behaviours and consequences they would like to see the program incorporate.
  • Tonnes of outdoor games lead by the City of Burlington staff, Kate and Lisa. From parachute fun to kids challenging volunteers to relay races!
  • Thursday’s craft, Chill Zone Cardboard Robots, was inspired by the Imagination Foundation and Caine’s Cardboard Challenge! The kids got more creative and more inspired than we could have ever imagined as they started transforming the stacks of cardboard we had been collecting over the past couple of weeks into cookie-bots and snake trap robots! It was incredible to witness their creativity flowing and their ability to work together towards a common goal.
So that is our first week in a nutshell and we can’t wait to get back and chill some more on Thursday!

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