Learning From Musical Chairs


North BurLINKton Chill Zone

Chill Zone has been dancing up a storm! Last Thursday our Chill participants were desperate to get their groove on. So naturally we played a huge game of musical chairs. Only, our game turned out to be a little different than usual.

It all started when one of our youngest friends had the bad luck of getting out first and started to shed a few tears. We were all saddened by the sight and decided to celebrate her positive effort by giving her a huge round of applause. From then on applauding people who were out of the game became a tradition and a coveted prize as some of the youngest members of our group became very excited to receive this applause. Shiloh, a five year old boy, excitedly jumped up and down with a grin bigger than the Atlantic ocean exclaiming “I won” when he finally was out of the game and got to carry his chair to the back of the storage room.

In the end, we walked away from the experience being reminded that from a kid’s perspective victory can look a lot different and we should be open and encouraging of that.


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