We all Jump Together!


North BurLINKton Chill Zone

This week Chill Zone spent some time skipping. I have to tell you we have skipped a lot this year during our after school program (a lot!) but this was different and really special.

I wwe all jump togetherant to thank Liz Way of www.jumprope.com for volunteering to come and teach us how to double dutch. In one short hour she got a number of the kids doing double dutch!

She broke the art of this complicated skipping activity down into stages: turning the rope, entering and exiting the turning rope! We skipped in triangles and as pairs of skippers and eventually they were able to do double dutch in the large double ropes. But my favourite moment was when she got kids to skip as large group in the rope. I love this picture. It reminds me of what amazing things happen when we all work together in community.

The kids had to communicate with each other to jump together.

They had to work with the two leaders turning the rope.

They had to find a common rhythm.

They had to work hard at it, quickly getting past failed attempts as a group.

Then they celebrated their success!

The North BurLINKton Neighbourhood project is a great example of this. We have more fun and more success when we are all working together. The project engine is fueled by volunteer power! At Community Development Halton we are so thankful to work along side dozens of dedicated community leaders (young and old) who contribute their time and many skills.

Our many community partners provide expertise and necessary resources.

The project is only possible with all of you. Thank you!

For those of you who are new to the project; North BurLINKton is a neighbourhood development project that is working to connect people in North Burlington, making our neighbourhoods an even better place to live. The project includes lots of opportunities to be involved through planning sessions, sharing resources and ideas.

It also includes lots of opportunities to have fun through a children’s and youth program called Chill Zone which during the summer is found in a variety of drop-in sites throughout the community and in the fall takes the form of an after school program.

The North BurLINKton Dinner Night Out, which happens the 2nd and 4th Wednesday, from 6-8 pm, at Glad Tidings Church is an excellent community event focused on making new friends over great food.

If you are interested in keeping up to date on what is happening each week or want to be involved as a volunteer, please join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/burlinkton/ or you can contact Rishia Burke at rburke@cdhalton.ca or call at 905-632-1975 for more information.

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