2014 Wrap Up & Holiday Greetings from North BurLINKton


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What a year 2014 has been!

  • 270 volunteers contributing 2,400 hours
  • 56 amazing community partners
  • Chill Zone, Dinner Night Out, 55+ Lunch, Youth Sports Nights, Book Club, pop up gardens and play sites, trips and a talent show!

In addition, a dedicated group of volunteers and partners have also spear headed a community  planning process. The Community Planning day is now over and we are please to share with you North BurLINKton Community groups mission statement and strategic priorities for the next three years:


Together we create inclusive and friendly neighbourhoods that help people connect and increase their sense of belonging.

 Strategic Priorities 

  1. Identify and support leadership development in each neighbourhood to create a network of neighbourhood leaders that can tap into community gifts and needs.
  2. Build on our existing events and programs to create a sense of place and belonging.
  3. Increase communication about our neighbourhoods and what is going on in them.
  4. Continue to make partnership development a priority.
  5. Strengthen North BurLINKton with a leadership/governance structure, branding and communication tools so that North BurLINKton is a reputable and recognized “go to” group in Burlington.

In January we will have a full report with action steps, timing and an evaluation plan. If you are interested in getting involved please let us know at rburke@cdhalton.ca

The volunteers and staff from North BurLINKton want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday and hope to see you in the neighbourhood in 2015!

The following video is a holiday greeting from all of us to all of you!




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