North BurLINKton Awarded Youth Opportunities Fund



North BurLINKton Community Group, with the support of Community Development Halton, are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Government of Ontario Youth Opportunities Fund grant of $181,700 over 30 months to create neighbourhood spaces where young people can meet, make new friends, experience a sense of belonging, and gain leadership skills. High school aged youth in north Burlington will secure and animate these spaces with the support of adult allies. The grant idea was developed by local youth in the north Burlington area.

This project will address the objectives of the Youth Opportunities Fund:

  • Youth form and maintain healthy, close relationships and
  • Youth are engaged in their communities

North BurLINKton Community Group, an emerging grass roots group, recently launched its own mission statement:

Together we create inclusive and friendly neighbourhoods that help people connect and increase their sense of belonging.

This initiative comes at a perfect time, allowing the North BurLINKton Community Group to move forward building on the neighbourhood development work of community members and partners over the past few years. The initiative will be supported by adults but lead by youth, tapping into the potential of extraordinary young people in north Burlington neighbourhoods.

If you want to get involved with the Youth Leadership Team or as an adult mentor please contact Rishia Burke at

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