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NB_GotTalent_Nov2015In 2014 a group of North BurLINKton folks were talking about how it would be great to have a talent show that featured some of our Dinner Night Out guests, Chill Zone kids and others for the North Burlington area. A real spot light of our sometimes hidden talents. A chance to shine for others.

Then in August Burlington experienced a flood and the North BurLINKton Community Group decided to turn the talent show idea into a fundraiser to help support our friends and neighbours who were struggling to recover from the flood.

The event was a night to remember. MM Robinson supplied the space and some of its well know talent (Improv Team and the Drum Line) and many other local people stepped up to the mic and shared their talent. It was an extraordinary night in community.

After the buzz form the night had worn off, we asked ourselves, would we ever do that again – it was a lot of work! The answer was easy – YES!

It was decided that we would host the event again this time fundraising to support North BurLINKton Dinner Night Out’s Christmas Dinner. The annual event serves about 330 people turkey dinner with all the trimmings each December.

So, mark your calendars for Thursday November 26th, for North BurLINKton’s Got Talent, the 2015 edition! We will have line up of MM Robinson High School students and a group of local artists ready to entertain us and bringing us together for a night in community – not to be missed!


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