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Learning From Musical Chairs

Chill Zone has been dancing up a storm! Last Thursday our Chill participants were desperate to get their groove on. So naturally we played a huge game of musical chairs. Only, our game turned out to be a little different than usual.

It all started when one of our youngest friends had the bad luck of getting out first and started to shed a few tears. We were all saddened by the sight and decided to celebrate her positive effort by giving her a huge round of applause. From then on applauding people who were out of the game became a tradition and a coveted prize as some of the youngest members of our group became very excited to receive this applause. Shiloh, a five year old boy, excitedly jumped up and down with a grin bigger than the Atlantic ocean exclaiming “I won” when he finally was out of the game and got to carry his chair to the back of the storage room.

In the end, we walked away from the experience being reminded that from a kid’s perspective victory can look a lot different and we should be open and encouraging of that.


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Week One at Chill Zone

Our after school program has officially kicked off! Our first week has come and gone so quickly! Highlights from Monday and Thursday include:
  • A collaborative Chill Zone rules brainstorm! Participants articulated the behaviours and consequences they would like to see the program incorporate.
  • Tonnes of outdoor games lead by the City of Burlington staff, Kate and Lisa. From parachute fun to kids challenging volunteers to relay races!
  • Thursday’s craft, Chill Zone Cardboard Robots, was inspired by the Imagination Foundation and Caine’s Cardboard Challenge! The kids got more creative and more inspired than we could have ever imagined as they started transforming the stacks of cardboard we had been collecting over the past couple of weeks into cookie-bots and snake trap robots! It was incredible to witness their creativity flowing and their ability to work together towards a common goal.
So that is our first week in a nutshell and we can’t wait to get back and chill some more on Thursday!
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Chill Zone starts today!

The Chill Zone after school program starts today!

Time is just flying by. Last week we did a lot of outreach and it was simply amazing to reconnect with kids that we played with this summer. How amazing? Well we just have to share this story with you.

When we arrived in one neighbourhood last week to play some parachute games and hand out flyers we got mobbed! Mobbed in a good way! In typical fashion we started knocking on doors looking for some of our neighbourhood friends. The kids’ reactions were, “You came back!” “Are we playing now?!” Backpacks dropped, kids yelling “Mom, I’m going to play at Chill Zone” and running towards our little patch of grass, doors closing behind them. After a few came, the word spread and soon there was critical mass for a game, with some new faces that our summer friends brought along. While Chantal played, Rishia knocked on doors and talked to parents about the upcoming after school program. We can proudly say that our outreach week has been very successful and the program is almost at capacity with only a few spots left.

This next ten weeks is going to be wild and we can’t wait to get started this afternoon.

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North BurLINKton Chill Zone is back!

The Chill Zone is back! We had an amazing summer of spending time with some wonderful children and youth in four neighbourhoods in the North Burlington area.

With the support of the Trillium Foundation, Hamilton-Burlington Junior League, General Mills Canada and in partnership with Tansley United Church, Glad Tidings Church and the City of Burlington we are pleased to announce that the North BurLINKton Chill Zone is back for the fall.

We are currently taking registration for an afterschool program for 30 children from grades 1 through 8. The program will run on Mondays and Thursdays at Tansley United Church from 3:45 to 5:30. The program will include homework help, crafts, active cames and group activities. The program will run for 10 weeks starting October 1st. Registration is required but the program is FREE.

Just like this summer the Chill Zone is on the move. Chill Zone leaders will also be at the North BurLINKton Community Dinner from September 26th through to December to spend time with and provide some structured activities for the children and youth who come to the dinner. The Dinners take place the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at Glad Tidings Church.

If you would like more information about North BurLINKton’s Chill Zone at Tansley United or North BurLINKton’s Chill Zone at the Community Dinner please contact

Rishia Burke at or Chantal Vallis at or call 905-632-1975.

Downloadable registration form North BurLINKton Chill Zone Fall Flyer


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